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Phineas products supply plastic shoe hangers for all different types of hangers



Our customers are made up from a wide, diverse and frequently changing marketplace.  Retail footwear is an extremely competitive market and retailers have to move fast to keep up with trends. We make sure that we are right there with them, one step ahead of our competitors.


This type of customer demands high functionality shoe hanging solutions in order to cope with a challenging, changing environment and high stock density. They have an exceptionally fast stock turnover which expects a short lead time from us.


This customer is looking for an aesthetically pleasing shoe hanger that will reinforce their brand image. They also demand user friendly designs in order to give their customers a great in-store experience. Fashion retailers also have fast stock turnover demands.


The footwear manufacturer is a key part of the supply chain to the end users. Their requirements are for a short lead time and products which are easy to handle and pack with the footwear.


Customers who are specialist footwear retailers often demand a hanger that will fit a wide range of footwear designs. This type of retail environment may have limited floor space and is therefore looking for an effective way to maximise their footwear sales per square metre.

The fashion retailer wants to reinforce their brand


Brands require a solution that gets their brand noticed, essential when displayed alongside others in the same display. The quality of brand imagery is essential and may require a specialist solution to showcase an individual brand style.

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  • We supply off the shelf footwear hangers, boot clips and footwear shapers
  • We give support and advice on all types of footwear displays
  • We will custom design and supply any type of hanger, subject to volume requirements
  • We have in-house rapid prototyping of new designs
  • Our sales offices are located in the UK, USA and Hong Kong
  • Our products are manufactured in the UK, and China 
  • We use a worldwide low cost logistics network
  • Our reverse logistics programmes mean we can reuse and recycle hangers
  • We offer environmental assurances with our carbon footprint reporting